Mr. Perry wanted to share the students' continued success in the automotive lab. Our most recent project,  assigned to the advanced students in Automotive II Honors, was an engine tear down with a timing and oil system replacement. He assures me (a layman) that this is not an easy task. However, after just a few class periods and very little assistance, the students were successful, and we had another happy "customer."

The seniors involved were Evan Andrews, Nate Morris, Anthony Norman, Logan Meadows, and Jayden Jones.

He also wants to highlight two of these students as they plan to take their knowledge to the next level. Logan plans to attend Craven Community College to acquire his A.A.S. in Automotive Systems Technology to work as an automotive technician. Jayden plans on going into the Air Force as a mechanic. Jayden recently took the ASVAB and scored in the 93rd percentile!!

If you see any of these seniors in the hall, please congratulate them for all of their hard work, and wish them all the best of luck as they graduate and leave Jones Sr. to be successful in everything they do.