JSHS (7-12) Trojans Athletics COVID-19 Protocols 2020-21

As we prepare for our upcoming Jones Senior High School (7-12) Trojans Athletics seasons, I share our 2020-21 JSHS (7-12) Trojans Athletics COVID-19 Protocols.

Thank you for understanding that these protocols are in place to help us work to keep everyone involved safe and to allow our student-athletes the opportunity to participate in education-based athletics this year! We appreciate your understanding, compliance, and support! Go Trojans! #TrojanPride #TheTrojanWay

Jones Senior High School (7-12) Trojans Athletics Protocols 2020-21:

Note:   Please note that these home athletic event protocols are subject to change if Governor Cooper changes the # of spectators allowed at indoor events per future amendment to our current order.

  •  All Covid-19 Protocols will be in effect in terms of Temperature Screening at entrance, Face Masks / Face Coverings, Social Distancing, and One (1)-way entrance and exit points for non-paths crossing transitions in and around our facility.

  • All fans, coaches, officials, athletics event personnel, and student-athletes must wear a face mask inside our gym at all times.  

  • Twenty-five (25) tickets to be sold to our Jones Senior High School teams parents and fans using our GoFan ticket app. These will be online pre-sell tickets through our JSHS GoFan app.  

  • We will not sell any tickets to our opponents fans (visiting teams fans), likewise, when we play away matches / games, none of our parents / fans will travel to attend these away contests as we understand that those twenty-five (25) tickets will be for the home team parents and fans.

  • We will limit visiting teams game attendance to our opponents coaches, student-athletes, and athletics support staff (i.e. Administration, AD, Athletic Trainer, Interpreter, etc). 

  • Note:  We must pre-approve any Cheerleaders travel to our venue, and we do not plan for our cheerleaders to travel to away contests at this time.

  • We will require a Team Roster and list of all athletics personnel from our opponents prior to the event for contact tracing purposes, if needed.

  • We will maintain records of contact information for our home parents / fans who purchase tickets through our GoFan app for contact tracing purposes, if needed.

  • We will offer a small concessions stand with pre-packaged items (bottled / can drinks, chips, candy bars, etc.).  We will have two (2) persons working concessions, wearing masks and gloves.  One (1) person will handle the money and another person will handle the food items.

  • We will set up our gym, so that both teams can properly social distance in chairs spread out on one side of the gym with that side of bleachers pushed in, and will have our fans socially distanced in the bleachers on the other side of the gym with those bleachers pulled out.

  • For Girls and Boys Basketball Games, we will empty the gym after the first game - girls team parents / fans and sanitize in between games, before letting the second game - boys team parents / fans into the gym.

Thank you for understanding our need to provide a safe environment for all of those involved in our JSHS Trojans Athletics events during our current COVID-19 pandemic.    

Go Trojans!